spacer Janie Rezner portrait in black and white

San Geranimo, 1989, JC Lardy photographer


Grandson Caleb and me

spacer Smile

West Branch, Iowa 1985 "happy
to be back on prairie ground"

My name is Janie Rezner


I also write and paint under the Indian name OQUAWKA
I am a mother and a daughter and a grandmother

The words I bring to you have emerged as I travel a most profound spiritual journey


When my truth sprang forth in 1984 there was no Gaia bookstore. Other then Mary, there were no images of the feminine as sacred in my world.


The word Goddess
was unheard of
and yet She emerged
strong and clear, singing from her heart
speaking truth.


I am a musician, a body worker, a gardener, a painter of houses and a cleaner of houses, a former realtor, a serious artist, the maker of mystical sounding clay instruments, and, as I said, the grandmother of four lovely grandchildren.


"warm breeze blows through HEART
STREAMINGS flood the body
celebration of NEW LIFE
dances through me JOYOUSLY"



this Indian word means YELLOW BANKS
and is the name of
the little Illinois town
nestled on the banks of the
Mississippi River
where my mother and HER mother before her
for four generations grew up


and in the little cemetery there
on the east side of town
I found the graves of my grandmother's
mother and father
I also found the graves of my grandfather's
mother and father



of course my grandparents, Eva and Samuel, are buried there
along with their brothers and sisters
and aunts and uncles
and cousins. . .and neighbors



my mother, Zelda, is buried next to my dad
in the Kirkwood cemetery close to a big shade tree
I think most of the Rezner family is there
and the rest of the dinner bridge club
is nearby
that's quite a heritage, isn't it?
in this day and age of



Mendocino by the Sea

Stinson Beach 1986, selfphoto

spacer Janie on the English Moors

The Moors of England, 1990

spacer Grandchildren Simone and Joey

Grandchildren, Joey and Simone

spacer Grandchildren Simone and Joey

Grandson Ben and me 1996