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Janie Rezner Radio Interviews

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Peaceful Modern humans first appeared in Africa and remained peaceful, without war, without weapons of war, until the cultural shift into a patriarchal  (Power-over) model about 5,000 years ago.

"Harmony between humans and animals characterized ancient Africa, as did harmony between women and men, a contentment visible in many depictions (in cave paintings, rock engravings and other art) of embracing couples.  P.19 Dark Mother, Lucia Chiavola  Birnbaum, PhD.  Lucia writes,  "I find the dark mother's values—justice with compassion, equality, and transformation—in everyday and celebratory rituals of the world's subaltern cultures, and I suggest that these values are in the submerged memories of everyone."

My Interviews

I have been interviewing women from around the country and sometimes around the world  starting in 2001  on KZYX radio,  and am grateful to have the opportunity to speak with so many accomplished and generous  women.   I have learned a great deal from my wise women guests,  and our  connections and sharing have  expanded my life utterly!
When I thought about doing a radio show  I knew I wanted to engage with women on a deeper level than is generally  experienced in the media;  I hope I am accomplishing that goal.  My first question always to my guests is, "What part did your mother play in your becoming the courageous woman that you are today?"

As part of Women's Voices, my intention to do what I can in the bringing forth of the Sacred Feminine continues.  To illuminate how patriarchy has been perpetuated, as well as cast a light on our ancient and peaceful roots, is my goal, and many of my guests flesh out that knowledge.   Clearly,  a  global awakening is  happening regarding the sacred feminine,  which has been absent from our culture since the advent of patriarchy.  We have lived a rich and peace filled history for most of our life on earth, living with knowledge of the earth and the seasons, living in harmony with the life around us, knowing life to be sacred, living without money or war.

My hour long interviews include speaking with Riane Eisler, Starhawk, Medea Benjamin,  Vicki Noble, Genevieve Vaughan, Arlene Bloom, Jean Houston, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Leslene della Madre, Barbara G. Walker, Leymeh Gbowee, Karen Tate,  Helen Caldicott, Sandra Steingraber,  Barbara Alice Mann, Loretta Ross,  Max Dashu, Nina Simons, Vajra Ma  and other engaging women who have accomplished many things in their life time and are still at it - trying to right the many wrongs in this man led world.  They have things to teach us to help us reshape our distressed world.  I hope you will tune in live, at  or through my complete archives available here.