"Hauntingly beautiful music."

"Your music has a lot of space in it."

Oquawka Speaks
the Words and Music of Mother God, Vol. One

The CD begins with the rich vibratory sounds of the triple ocarina, a unique clay flute which can play three part harmony. Next, music of 1985, recorded live in Clapp Hall, Hancher Auditorium, University of Iowa. " A seven foot Steinway piano sat center stage in the shadowy, silent, eight hundred seat recital hall. There I was, alone with my music."

  1. Here Comes Love two ocarinas, Roland synthesizer [5:51] This song was inspired by the music of "Golana," soulful American Indian flute player, Scott Cunningham. Hearing his award-winning CD, "Walk Between Worlds," made me realize I could play the ocarina in a similar way. Thank you, Scott.
  2. Ocarina Praise Chant three ocarinas, Voice, Guitar, Synthesizer [4:15]
    I love hearing the three ocarinas- high, medium and low or, small, medium and large- playing as a trio!
  3. Mother's Ocarina Song ocarina [3:30] The mystical tones and vibrant harmonies of the triple ocarina transport us to the realms of the sacred. A little song that my mother played on the piano is woven into this composition. I play this song at gatherings to create a sacred space; recently I played in San Francisco at Ft. Mason before a moving dialogue between Johanna Macy and Julia Butterfly, captured on video.
  4. Click photo right, to see the video
    "A Journey to the Heart of Things" presented at the Matriarchal Studies Conference, in May 2012


    Click photo right, for a video of
    Janie  Rezner, Performance and Interview with Leslene della Madre, host of  Wildfire, Public Access TV,Santa Rosa

  5. Come to the Altar voice, Steinway piano [5:12]
  6. Carrie Jacobs Bond voice, piano [6:01]
  7. They are Innocent voice, piano [4:59]
  8. Time to Wake Up voice, piano [5:26]
  9. Interlude piano [5:08]
  10. Drum Song orchestral drum, voice, piano [2:36]
  11. Oquawka Speaks spoken word, voice, piano [28:19]

This letter comes from the core of my awakening and was recorded in 1988 in my sunlit cottage in San Geronimo, Marin County. I lived in solitude for three years; just me and my faithful companion, Lance, a Shepherd-Collie, who was 17 when he died. He is buried in the front yard of the cottage off Creamery Road.

Living without telephone, television, radio, hearing nothing but my own music, I created constantly, and with great passion and intention. The background music is from the Clapp Hall recording on 1985. I am amazed at how perfectly the letter I read and the music fit together. It appears that music was made for the letter that followed, three years later!

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After forty-six years in the mid-west and two husbands, Duane and Carl, I moved to Berkeley, California, and received a masters degree in clinical psychology, expecting to be a healer in the world. Instead, I began a spiritual journey inward initiated by the heartbreaking separation from Ed Jackson, a man I had come to deeply love—a man I recognized as my soul mate.

The loss of the Mother, i.e. the sacred feminine, crushed by the patriarchal domination of the maternal spirit—a spirit that once filled the world with wisdom and compassion—and the subsequent devastation of our Earth and her creatures, was powerfully revealed to me through that "crack in the cosmic egg."

Art in many media emerged from that painful opening. My journey continues in the northern California coastal village of Mendocino, where I compose, sing, paint, write, sculpt and garden, and make triple-chambered ocarinas. I recently wrote the book, "A Wake-up Call from Mother God." My tree goddess "She" graces the back cover of this CD.

I might add, all of my music and art and writing has been enhanced by our Mother's sacred medicine, which turns the key in the door to deeper consciousness, as native peoples know. It helps us "remember" who we are—spirit made manifest.


I have an undergraduate degree in music, majoring in voice. I have been a performing artist all of my life, beginning my career under the tutelage of my extraordinarily talented mother, a natural musician of the highest order. Her beautiful voice and sensitive touch upon the piano, along with her harmonizing skills have been a model to me my entire life.

I began performing before I started school, and continued thereafter. I sang for Women's Clubs, and Farm Bureau meetings, and weddings and funerals, and school events. When I was ten years old I sang for my brother's large formal military wedding held in the oldest church in Baltimore, Maryland, the day after he graduated from Annapolis.

With my brother Howard
Me and my
Brother, Howard,
home from Annapolis, MD