I came to Mendocino in June of 1995 from Berkeley, California where I was living in a little studio under my youngest son's house with my five-year-old grandson upstairs. I came camping, bringing my ocarina and stopped at the ShowCase Gallery.

The director of the gallery loved my ocarina and invited me to return as the visiting artist for a weekend; she also called her husband, then the director of the Mendocino Art Center, to come see the ocarina. They were both excited and encouraging. From that beginning, I moved to Mendocino as an artist-in-residence at the Mendocino Art Center, where I painted, made ocarinas, and wrote the book, "A Wake-up Call from Mother God."

My tree Goddess "She", emerged in the ceramics studio. I knew I wanted to make a tall statue, and had been working with slabs. I made this tall piece and she jumped out of the clay. I was thinking of a tree as I formed her. The circle for the head came out of nowhere. I have since discovered that it is an ancient sacred form.