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The Arisen Christ
A Parable

Once upon a time in a land not so far away
there lived a handsome prince
known and loved far and wide for his beauty of SPIRIT

One day, while riding in the forest
on his beautiful white horse
the prince scratched his head on a low hanging branch
of the tree he was riding under
and fell instantly asleep
He remained sleeping for centuries

All the earth mourned
the loss of their beautiful prince
and gave up all hope of his ever AWAKENING again

One day, a beautiful and very wise and powerful
and loving
woman came riding up on her beautiful white horse

She was a Mother, you see, and
knew all things

She rode over to where the beautiful prince
lay sleeping in his tomb, his casket
She got off her horse and kneeling down
placed a kiss on the forehead of the sleeping prince
Her tears, for her heart wept
at seeing all that he had missed
from being asleep so very long,
her tears of compassion fell upon his forehead
and into his heart
He awakened!

He slowly sat up in his casket
and was filled with JOY
at all the beauty around him

Then he saw the beautiful woman, his mother
He sprang from his tomb
and knelt at her feet weeping
She smiled, looking into his eyes
and took him by the hand, saying

"Arise, my prince, my Son
walk freely upon this earth!
You are free to express
you are free to create
and most of all, you are free to

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