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Open Hearts

Music pours from OPEN hearts, beauty surrounds our OPEN wounds
bathing us all in the warmest of waters
in a balm of LOVE
bathing us that we might become a circle of healers
a circle of healers with bells, ringing the good news in!

music pours from OPEN hearts as the pain of a million years
and the pain of one lifetime, and the pain of every creature. . .
who hears the fishes cry?
who hears the cattle cry as they line up to be slaughtered? or the chickens?
who hears the starving children moan?
who hears the birds in cages weep, or the trees?
magnificent stately beings who live for hundreds of years in
one spot... observing

who hears the children cry?
our little children, put into the CAGES of school
made to stay in little rooms, to sit quietly in little seats
imprisoning their thoughts, their energy, their bodies, their brains
forcing them to think about and learn things
that they have no interest in . . . DEAD things
things without heart or love or compassion
from people who do not love them or even KNOW them

separated from their very own mothers and fathers
sisters and brothers, grandmothers and grandfathers
aunts and uncles and cousins . . .and friends
taken from their OWN families and herded together like SHEEP
that's what we do with our LITTLE children!
(among other things)

music pours from OPEN hearts as the pain of a million years
and the pain of one lifetime and the pain of EVERY being comes bubbling up
to be touched and soothed, made wet and warm, kissed by rain, kissed by tears
to be ached and WEPT until a fresh breeze blows through
clean and clear

we ALL weep, the fishes and the trees and us
one shared weep... for all the suffering, for all the tortured
for all the beauty not seen, for all the love betrayed
for all the little hearts, wounded and STUNG . . .
it is all one weep
that such horror could be perpetrated toward

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music pours from OPEN hearts, as the pain of a million years
and the pain of one lifetime, and the pain of every being comes bubbling up
all that ever was and is, echoing and rippling through our eons of
knowing . . . life here, and life there . . . on the other side
the one becoming the all, the all becoming the ONE
we all become God
walking in the knowing
with the light of humility and BRILLIANCE
sparkling with love and compassion
shining through us every one!

Malcom X

I just saw a program on Malcolm X
if it was
really true
what a handsome, intelligent, articulate
and dedicated human being he was
the 'forces' struck them all down
back then in the 60's

of course, not a mention of woman is made
there isn't a WOMAN'S FACE anywhere
it's as if we don't exist
and nobody seems to have noticed
our absence in the room

in the room of the 'decision makers'
in the room of the 'truth speakers'
in the room of the 'purveyors of justice'
oh well, small matter

we're all too busy fighting for truth and justice and
to be bothered with such a small detail

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