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Women of the World,
Stand Up!
A letter to the women of the world.

When to take a stand . . . how to take a stand . . . what to stand upon . . . what to stand for? These are the questions, aren't they? The word church means circle. How very appropriate . . . how very touching! Let's turn this earth into a church, what do you say? One big lovely church. And let's begin by ENCIRCLING the earth, our hands joined together. All of humanity together in one unbroken line. What a profound image!

How could we organize it? Some people would have to be willing to do a little traveling. Could boats line up and form a continuous line across the bodies of water where needed? Could it physically be done? Maybe we'll all do it on internet. Personally, I'd rather be linked together hand to hand--feeling the energy coursing through our bodies from one person to the next,

Girding the Earth in a brilliant STREAM of LIGHT! The world would be profoundly changed, recognized by all as the Sacred place it is, and our connection to each other would be literally FELT!

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However, those men wouldn't want to be interrupted from their money making and WAR making activities to do such a foolish thing, would they? They would rather sit around in their tight little clothes, in their tight little offices, with their tight little minds clicking away.

Those men who seem to think they can live without pure, unpoisoned water and air. And for all appearances utterly disregard what they are standing on, namely the Earth. Maybe they think they don't need HER either.

Those men who deaden themselves from all human reason and wisdom with alcohol and bad food and constant movement, in a world of paper and motors and cement . . . talking, talking, talking . . . disconnected from the natural world.

Those men, long separated from their own heart feelings of compassion and caring; separated from their natural PATERNAL role, which is to support and nurture life.

Those men who operate out of underlying, unresolved FEAR and RAGE, hostility and greed, coupled with the unbelievable arrogance that this world, and all of it's VULNERABLE and delicate inhabitants, whether plant, animal or human, is theirs for the taking.

Taking means tearing up the earth, cutting down trees which have stood for hundreds of years; killing the animals, poisoning and destroying everything, water, land and air. Taking means having not a second thought about raping and torturing one's own, and others; not a second thought about killing people.

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Those men searched for and found "the greatest destruction possible in a SINGLE BLOW" to all of life, namely the atom bomb. Can you imagine having THAT as your goal! Can you imagine DARING to have that as your goal? I can't. The mad scientists were at work, given free rein by our patriarchal world culture.

They see the world as filled with enemies, who need to be warded off, rather than that we are all simply people here together, sharing this earth. (The minorities need to be controlled lest they get a little chunk of the pie, right?) While we're all being poisoned and life itself teeters on the edge of total destruction, those men, (whose lives would also end) deny it from themselves and continue on with BUSINESS as usual.

Are we just going to stand around and watch them do it? Isn't it time for this reign of hell to shift? Isn't it time for the voices of love and compassion and reason and WISDOM to emerge? If not now, when?

This is the time of WOMAN! If ever there was a time for us to reclaim our divinity and embody the sacred ways of life, it is NOW. The sacred ways of love and wisdom lies within each and every one of us. To trust one's intuitions and to SPEAK OUT with the voice of authority when prompted to, is the PATH. Riding the stream of God energy as it pulses through us, speaking truths long silenced on this land, reclaiming the holy ways, honoring life rather than money, we know we are ushering in a NEW AGE!

This is NOT a woman's world. This is a manís world, and we have all been living in it for some time. And I, for one, am utterly sickened by it. In fact, the whole earth is being sickened by it.

This man's world is hard with cement, loud with the sounds of cars and trucks and motors of all kinds, our ears filled with the ugly sounds of commerce and 'buying and selling;' our lives and very souls reduced to the meaninglessness of work and money.

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EVERY action, every bit of thought and energy is devoted to one sole focus from the moment of birth to the last breath of life. Making MONEY. Making money and making WAR. Money is generated by war, is it not? There is money to be made by weapons and war. Lots and lots of money.

War, the love of money, and violence of every kind emerge from the strange and evil energy that courses through a HARDENED heart. A heart that no longer feels another's suffering; a heart that no longer feels it's own suffering.

A hardened heart, separated from it's Sacred center, so that all manner of heinous acts can be thought of and carried out . . . from the personal to the global. Sanctified by the 'system' . . . the male system, the patriarchal system . . . in this man's world!

Now may I describe a woman's world? A world we haven't seen on this earth for a very long time. A world that we all long for, woman and man alike. A world, that once described, sounds very familiar.

A woman's world is clear and orderly and creative. It is soft and nurturing and green and flowering. It is focused on creating a gentle, safe place where babies may toddle; where people may gather together in friendship and trust, CONTENT in the moment.

In a woman's world, mothers AND fathers of small children are supported and helped by brothers and sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles and cousins, and neighbors and friends . . .

Unlike this man's world, where mothers the world over live in poverty and fear, attempting the impossible, raising children alone. Working day and night, harassed and undermined as mothers by ex-husbands, (fathers of their children) . . .

Exhausted by the SYSTEM in every way possible, struggling to make ends meet, fighting to get a day off when a child is sick. . . unappreciated, and UNHELPED in this most important life connection. What ever happened to respecting our mothers? What ever happened to honoring the Sacred bond between mother and child?

In a woman's world, children and parents play together with great abandon on the soft green fields, beside the sparkling brooks, warmed by the sun. In a woman's world, nature and her many creatures live in harmony with each other, and every being is greeted with love and celebration.

Elder women are acknowledged and respected and sought out for their deep wisdom. which comes from many years of living life with love and compassion at the core. Deep wisdom, which has been passed down from mother to daughter, from grandmother to granddaughter.

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The passage for a young woman as her body matures and menstruation begins, is acknowledged and honored as the profound gift that it is. She is RESPECTED as she enters the stream of continuing life on earth, carrying within her from the moment she was formed in her mother's womb, the eggs that will become her OWN children.

Young men, cherished for their loving hearts and expressive creativity, come into manhood honoring the gift of life they carry within them. In this world there is singing and dancing and praying, and the planting of corn, and the harvesting of corn, and the creation of BEAUTIFUL things. Peoples gather together in circles in their villages to share and celebrate, and speak with voices of respect with each other. They gather in WISDOM circles.

In this world, love and creativity in their many forms are the focus of our days together on this beautiful green ball, as we delight God. She delights when we see and become one with Her beautiful gifts . . . jewels in the night sky . . . breathtaking colors of sunset and dawn . . . the perfection of a flower, of a leaf . . . the exquisite coloring and form of her creatures, us included.

In fact, wherever we look in Nature, from the mountain tops to the valleys, there is only perfection. LIFE springs forth from every direction, in beauty. We have been placed in the center of Paradise. Is it not time to SEE it and be grateful for it and embrace it?

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Post Script

I went to a gathering commemorating the terrible violence of Hiroshima. This was presented by a group of dedicated women in the Zendo at Green Gulch Zen Center, Marin, California, August 1995.

It was a full house in the large room where many have meditated for years. We were there remembering the horror of August 5th, l945. Hearing story after story, I sat in that packed, silent crowd, sweat streaming down my back as women musicians and speakers wove together the stories of suffering. . . and facts of continuous testing of the bomb, NOW.

There were moments when I wanted to be out of the room. It was too much to hear, too much to imagine. The low moans of the people after the bomb, their skin hanging from their bodies. The cancers and tortured deaths of native peoples where bombs have been tested. The beautiful lands that have been rendered poisonous, all life gone from them. The animals that have suffered, and continue to suffer, their ability to reproduce healthy offspring, gone.
I listened to it all.

I listened to our awareness of the suffering, to our awareness of the poisoning of our entire earth . . . as they said, we are ALL 'downwinders'. . . to our awareness of the continuous rise in breast cancers, and prostate cancers, and the drop of sperm count of men all over the world . . . and THEN they related that China had tested a bomb in the ATMOSPHERE just a couple of years ago, in addition to testing underground. Now France has done that as well!

There were petitions to sign for a "world free of plutonium," and actions planned. . . and I was MAD. I was sick of hearing what men are doing, again. Still. It is STILL going on. They are still doing the same things. As we perch on the brink of destruction of all life, they continue to act in senseless, utterly mad ways, destroying even more.

Don't you think they should be stopped? Do you mind telling me what we are all doing, letting crazy, mad men control and destroy this earth? I think we should lock them up in a padded psychiatric ward and throw away the key. And let them play monopoly and WAR to their hearts content.
May the CIRCLES begin!

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